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Puntland: MAP holds a Capacity Building Training for Nugaal Region’s Female Journalist Umbrella.

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Garowe, September 20, 2018: The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) getting support from the Forum-SYD executed a 2-day (17-18 Sept) board orientation training for the board members of the Nugal Female Journalist Organization (NUFJO), held in Garowe the administrative capital of the Puntland State of Somalia.

Historically, Nugal female Journalists Organization (NUFJO) is non-governmental, non-political and also non-profit seeking organization established in September 2012 in Garowe,by the first batch of Warsame Abdi Shirwac journalism institute, based on the extensive female journalists organizations needs that has the capacity to advocate for the women in every aspects and Empower women from the grass-root level. However, the lack of knowledge and capacity in steering the organization combined with the absence of key policies and procedures to guide the organizational growth and operations has jeopardized the NUFJO’s existence in promoting it’s own established aims.

A Puntland statewide research by MAP with support from the Free Press Unlimited (FPU) in 2017, that assessed the gender landscape in the Puntland media revealed gaps and weaknesses in the capacity of 3-regional female journalists organizations based in Mudug, Nugaal and Bari regions of Puntland. The capacity tests were done through the Organizational development assessment tests (ODAT), discovering that all 3-organisations were well established at the start, but were almost non existent by the time of the study with gaps found from the leadership, absence of board members to lack of bylaws and lack of internal organizational structures as well as internal controls to guide the networks to prosper in their missions.

Following the revelations in the 2017 gender study, MAP mobilized fundraising efforts to get grants aimed at reviving the Puntland Journalists female networks with a long-term plan to build a state-wide female journalist umbrella. In 2018, MAP manage to secure a grant from the Forum-Syd under the project ”Raising awareness on violence against women in Puntland by developing the capacity of Female Journalists network”.

Under the Forum-Syd project, MAP hired a consultant to develop key policies and procedures for the NUFJO organization. Among the materials developed was the NUFJO’s Bylaws, Financial policy and internal control procedures and the organization’s profile incorporated with a 2018-2020 strategic-plan.

Mohamed Dahir Warsame, MAP chair, talking on the aims  of the materials developed for NUFJO, he said ”these policies and procedures produced for NUFJO will ensure that the organization is compliance with the law, Provide appropriate internal controls and will promote a transparency and accountability within the organization” said Dahir

At the opening of the orientation and training on the developed policies and procedures for the NUFJO Board members was officially opened by Suleiman Saed Nour by the Information department director of the Puntland Ministry of information, culture and heritage at the presence of the MAP Chair Mohamed Dahir, MAP Secretary General Nasra Abdirizak and MAP’s Projects Manager Ibrahim Abdi.

In his welcome remarks the MAP chair, thanked the members for the 9-board of directors for NUFJO for not giving-up the struggle despite the challenges their organization has faced. He also appreciated their willingness to re-organise themselves to get the organization back on it’s track.  The chair then gave an overview on the objectives of the training and orientation that was tailored to enhance the capacity of the board through the presentation of the policies and procedures developed by the MAP hired consultant.

”Since the ill-results seen in the MAP implemented 2017 study that assessed the gender landscape in the Puntland Media, we have taken it among the first priorities in improving the working condition of female journalists in the sector as wells seeking opportunities for the female networks in Puntland. He added, today we are here to open a two day training for the NUFJO colleagues and hopefully you will have to contribute on the policies and procedures that will be presented in the course of the training, i expect your active participation” said Mohamed Dahir Warsame.

The guest of honour’s remarks at the innuagrial session said ”I urge you to take a good advantage of this training opportunity and wish you a success during these two-days, as well i look forward in seeing NUFJO take a significant lead in promoting the interests of Nugaal female journalists, said Honourable Suleiman Said Nour who officially opened the training.

The training permitted the participants to have an in depth understanding of ”organizational behavior in a non profit setting” through best practices presented to the trainees. Presentation of the NUFJO’s Bylaw, financial policy and the profile was presented and thoroughly contributed by the members of the board.

nufjo 2018

PHOTO: NUFJO board members VOTE for the policies and procedure (Sept 18, 2018)

Participants on the second day of the training unanimously voted YES and passed the vetted policies and procedures for the NUFJO and have pledged to put them in practice.

At the closing session of the 2day training that was held from 17-18 September 2018, NUFJO’s chair Fadumo Mohamed Mohamud thanked MAP and it’s supporting partner Forum Syd for getting back the Nugal female journalist network back to it’s feet.

NUFJO chair said ”For the efforts made in terms of drafting this vital policies and procedures and the training given to us in the past two days, i would like to sincerely thank MAP and Forum Syd for stepping up in getting our organization back on track” she added, under my leadership i will ensure to lead NUFJO in the right path in achieving it’s goals and objectives” said Fadumo Mohamed Mohamud.

MAP is committed in implementing SDG 5 goal in achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls in the media by enhancing the capacity of female journalists in series of trainings and in 2018 developing a Puntland media gender policy that will combat gender inequalities in the newsrooms, Whereas  through the media by amplifying women voices through the unique platform of #MAPTalks.


Photos from the Training


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