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MAP held Garowe Townhall event on DRM and Climate Change: A Collaborative Effort Towards Resilience

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Garowe January, 03 2024 – The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) in partnership with Free Press Unlimited (FPU) under the Danwadaag initiative held it’s last 2023 activity being the dynamic townhall on disaster risk management and climate change.

Various notables appeared on the event on December 31, in Garowe: Ahmed Labayk, the Puntland’s Minister of Environment and climate change; Mohamed Xamari, the Deputy Mayor of Garowe; Mohamed Dahir, the Chair of the MAP; members of the media; youth and women’s organizations; civil society organizations (CSOs); and members of the public.


The MAP chair Mohamed Dahir, and Honorable Labayk, Puntland’s Minister of Environment and Climate Challenge, both addressed the forum during the event’s opening session. Their primary remarks were on the value of DRM and the need for cooperation in order to overcome
challenges, share knowledge, and clear the path for a future that is safer and more equipped.

‘’We all have a shared duty for disaster risk management, and the media is essential in influencing public knowledge, readiness, and action. As we assemble here today, let us keep in mind the importance of knowledge and our duty to protect the stability and resiliency of our communities.” Said Mohamed Dahir, Chair MAP in his opening speech

“When a crisis strikes, teamwork emerges as our most powerful asset. As DRM stakeholders, let’s come together and acknowledge that it is our shared duty to save lives and create resiliency in communities. We can overcome obstacles, exchange information, and pave the way for a future that is safer and more equipped if we work together.” Said Ahmed Labayk, Puntland’s Minister of Environment in his remarks.

The purpose of the townhall was to promote a collaborative approach to tackling the issues posed by climate change and its influence on disaster risk management. The event provided a forum for meaningful debates, information exchange, and the discovery of innovative approaches by bringing together relevant players.

The town hall session highlighted the significance of media participation in DRM initiatives, acknowledging the critical role that the media plays in spreading information and increasing awareness. The public has to be made aware of the dangers posed by climate change and natural catastrophes, as well as the steps that must be taken to reduce those risks, and here is where the media comes in. It is impossible to overstate their contribution to raising public knowledge and comprehension.

Throughout the event, Somalia’s recent floods and droughts received special focus. The lives and means of subsistence of the impacted populations have been severely damaged by these occurrences. The town hall exercise offered a forum for talking about the takeaways from these encounters and investigating methods to improve resilience and readiness for upcoming climate-related issues.

Insights, experiences, and best practices in DRM and climate change adaptation were exchanged by government officials, civil society organizations, and local government representatives. The topics of conversation included the value of capacity building, community involvement, early warning systems, and sustainable development techniques. The occasion also brought attention to the need for more funding for mitigation and adaptation strategies against climate change.

All parties involved pledged at the end of the town hall activity to keep collaborating to create resilient communities and solve the problems brought on by climate change. The occasion acted as a spark for further cooperation, information exchange, and the use of successful DRM techniques.












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