About Us

The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) is an independent, nonprofit organization registered in Puntland recognized as the legitimate representative body for Puntland Journalists & media establishments that promotes press freedom in Puntland state Somalia.                                                                           


Our History

MAP was founded in January 2009, as freedom expression movement that promotes and defends the right to free expression by improving the professional capacity, social and economic rights of media professionals in Puntland. Building of institutional capacity of media establishments towards Strong, Responsive and Responsible Journalism and independent reporting to the Public in Puntland. The Association has 7 branches in all over the Puntland regions.

Our Mission

To safeguard media freedom, enhance professionalism and arbitrate media disputes.

MAP promotes press freedom in Puntland regions and defends the right of journalists to report the news without fear of act of vengeance. MAP also engages dialogue with the Puntland authority on legal framework by protecting freedom of expression and media freedoms through policy and legal reforms.


The core values of Media Association of Puntland are the fundamental principles and standards to which the professional journalists must adhere; principles that reflect our rich and diverse profession. In achieving its mission and vision, MAP is guided by the following core values:

Advocacy – A top priority for MAP is to advocate for the enjoyment of human rights, peace, democracy, and social justice in Puntland  and Somalia at large for Journalists through information, education and advocacy.

Solidarity and participation – collaborating and networking with national and international media society and stakeholders to build strong, vibrant and democratic media voice with solidarity, coexistence and equitable access of information.

Democracy – MAP decision-making process is based on a democratic system of majority choice where all members respect freedoms, opinions and decisions of others.

Innovation – promoting the discovery of new ideas and developing beneficial workable approaches for our members and greater media society in Puntland.

Integrity – MAP’s existence is powered by strict principles that are free from discrimination based on religion, political, view, gender, and ethnic background, cultural or social class. Professional Journalists and members of MAP are obliged to follow those principles and implement activities with integrity, decency and respect the dignity and intelligence of the beneficiaries and thus is devoted unwavering commitment in defending and promoting freedom of expression based on the principles of human rights on the freedom of expression and social justice through professionally ethical media practice.

Core activities of MAP focus on press freedom, preservation of journalists’ rights, skill training on professional journalism, building a united voice of journalists, forming a foundation for cooperation and confidence and dialogue engagement on legal & policy reforms. It fulfills these activities through advocacy, training needs assessments f the journalists, organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, dialogue engagement with authorities and systematically monitoring, investigating and reporting violations of press freedom. MAP also exists to develop and capacitate the institutional performance of the media houses in Puntland.