Puntland: MAP concludes a 3-day Gender balanced News Coverage Workshop in Garowe

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Garowe, Puntland December 28, 2023; The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) in partnership with the International Media Support (IMS) concluded the 3-day course on gender balanced news reporting for the second batch of the Puntland reporters this time in Garowe the administrative capital of Puntland.

Held from 26 to 28 December 2023, the course aimed to equip journalists and media professionals with the necessary tools and techniques to achieve equal representation and fair portrayal of genders in the media landscape.

“We are immensely proud to have successfully organized this 3-day journalism course focused on gender balanced reporting. The media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion, and it is essential that we break free from traditional gender norms and biases to promote a more inclusive society. By empowering journalists with the skills and knowledge to report on gender-related issues in a fair and balanced manner, we are paving the way for a more equitable and just future.” Said MAP Chaiperson, Mohamed Dahir

MAP is committed to fostering responsible journalism, the association initiated this groundbreaking course to address the pervasive gender biases that have historically plagued the media industry.

With the overarching goal of promoting gender equality and social justice, participants were guided through a series of interactive workshops, informative lectures, and engaging discussions on gender-balanced reporting.

One of the key highlights of the course was the participant’s diverse opinions and inputs during the plenary sessions of the training who shared their insights and experiences. These sessions provided valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for gender-sensitive reporting, encouraging participants to critically analyze existing biases and stereotypes while promoting inclusive storytelling.

Throughout the 3-day program, participants engaged in practical exercises, hands-on training, and case studies, enabling them to develop essential skills for unbiased reporting. The course covered various aspects, including gender terminology, identifying implicit biases, gender-sensitive language, ethical guidelines, and strategies for addressing gender gaps in newsrooms.

“We are delighted to have successfully concluded this crucial course on gender-balanced reporting,” said [Journalist – Participant at the training).

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