#Puntland: MAP Chair partakes in the mock voter registration exercise, pledges media amplification support to TPEC activities.

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Garowe, Monday 10; The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) chairperson, Mohamed Dahir Warsame, participated today at the Mock voter election registration held the PDRC conference organized by the Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission [TPEC] in Garowe, Puntland’s administrative capital.

‘’I’m pleased of being part of this history making event, well done TPEC. I urge the Puntland media to concert their efforts towards the ongoing local democratization process. To TPEC colleagues be assured of the local media support for driving your message by educating the public’’ Said Mohamed Dahir chair MAP, moments after participating the registration exercise.

The event was participated by Officials from government, political Associations, civil society organizations, religious leaders and international partners.

MAP and TPEC have a close working relations and are collaborating on vital activities such as public voter education and setting the Puntland journalists’ code of conduct on elections ahead of the upcoming local municipality elections.

Puntland has been in the process of tiling way for the conventional enfranchisement polls and the mock registration exercise is yet another landmark reached towards the process. TPEC will now start voter registration for eligible citizens in the towns of Gardho, Eyl and Ufeyn on the dates of 16-29 May 2021.

Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission [TPEC] is an independent body whose mandate is to hold free and fair local elections in Puntland.


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