#Puntland: MAP concludes a 4-days Safety and Election reporting Seminar held in Bosaso.

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Garowe, Feb 15, 2021: 20 Journalists drawn from media outlets located in the towns of Bosaso, Carmo, Baran, Dhahar, and Qardho successfully completed a 4-day training on safety and election coverage. MAP organized the training with support from the International Media Support (IMS) and Fojo Media Institute and was held from 9-12 February 2020 at Juba hotel hall in Bosaso.

At the opening, MAP invited Mr. Abdusalaam Bashir, Bosaso city Mayor as the guest of honor to officially open the workshop. in his opening remarks, the mayor praised the local media for their work in informing the public, he also acknowledged the hard circumstances under which local journalists work.

Somalia Including Puntland, journalists perform their duties under uncertain circumstances in which most of the people can hardly understand, thank you for the vital work you are doing for the community. I would also want to thank MAP and its partners for organizing this training, I wish you all success in your learning”, said Abdusalam Bashir, Bosaso mayor.

The MAP chair, Mohamed Dahir, who also spoke at the opening session of the conference welcomed the participants, thanked IMS and Fojo partnership for supporting the initiative that aims to prepare local media practitioners to safely, accurately, and ethically cover the upcoming national elections.

‘As we wait on politicians to set a clear date on when the upcoming national elections will be held, it is critical that we sensitize and build the skills of our members to adequately cover the elections, adding, during the upcoming 4days participants will be trained on personal safety and election processes and coverage, said MAP chair Mohamed Dahir.

The training was co-facilitated by IMS Somalia programs staff Mr. Abukar who said “the media faces challenges and get into trouble during election reporting, which most of the time is caused by the lack of skills journalists, we want to enhance your knowledge to safely and accurately on the upcoming national elections'”, said Abukar al Badri, an official from the IMS Somalia programs.

The following topics were covered by the facilitators during the 4-day period.

  • Situational awareness
  • Civil unrest
  • Risk assessment
  • Vehicle safety and travel
  • Personal and workspace security
  • Digital security
  • Suicide attacks and IED
  • Security forces and the media
  • Accommodation safety and security Planning
  • Medical: Trauma first aid
  • Sensitivity related to the election time
  • Professional election reporting step by step
  • Role and responsibilities of the journalist during the election
  • Planning the election coverage and challenges related to it.
  • Journalistic credibility and its impact on public opinion
  • Handling hate speech and inflammatory language

Participants earned attendance certificates on the last day of the training, which was handed out by the Bosaso city mayor Mr. Abdu salaam Bashir.


The Association continues its effort in enhancing the capacity of the local media through specialized training including an in-house mentorship program.

MAP recognizes that the promotion of journalists’ safety and the battle against impunity must not be limited to follow-up action. Alternatively, preventive measures and actions are required to resolve some of the root causes of violence against journalists and impunity. 



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