Puntland: MAP, Ministry of Information conclude the statewide Journalism course on social media, supported by UNSOM.

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Garowe, Puntland – September 19: The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) in partnership with the Puntland Ministry of information have today in Bosaso concluded the final state-wide held journalism course aim at sharpening the skills of local journalists on how to effectively utilize and adapt the fast-growing social media platform to benefit the online audience.

Thankfully supported by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) the tailored course was hosted in the towns of Garowe, Galkaio and Bosaso benefiting 75-journalists in total drawn from Radio, TV and print media outlets.

Social media has transformed communication and interaction, enabling journalists to share compelling stories, engage with their audience, and provide behind-the-scenes information on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The overall course modules, interactive group work, and plenary sessions were allotted four days in each of the three towns where the course was held. The main objective of the module’s contents was to teach participants how to come up with innovative story ideas, identify creative media angles, and develop appealing social media material.

At the opening session of the final training held in Bossaso, representatives from the collaborating institutions of MAP and from the Puntland’s Ministry of information spoke on what is expected from Puntland media now that they have been well equipped and ready to go the better inform their online audience.

We wish you well and look forward to seeing an enhanced version of your work online. We also hope you’ll keep your online audiences informed now that you’re more prepared and more self-assured as a result of this training. Chair MAP – Mohamed Dahir

I’m happy that my ministry contributed to the statewide effort that helped train so many reporters. If the 75 journalists who benefitted from this training properly apply and adapt the knowledge they gained to their job, the online public will undoubtedly profit immensely. I’m eager to see excellent accurate reporting online. Director General Puntland Ministry of Information. – Eng. Mohamed Isse Osman.

Collectively the Media Association of Puntland would like to thank the Puntland Ministry of Information through Eng. Mohamed Isse Osman for their collaboration, spirit and efforts shown over the period in implementing the course. Notably the commitment and devotion of the participants was what aided the facilitators moral, we look forward to seeing a better version of the online reporting across the Puntland Media outlet’s reporting.

As one of MAP’s key partners, UNSOM especially Garowe office has made significant contributions towards developing the Puntland media and a major voice that has aided vital advocacy causes of MAP aimed at defending the rights of local journalists including media law reform.

Thank you UNSOM for your continous support to the Puntland media fraternity.
















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