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Puntland: Improving Media Freedom Safety and Media Content for Public Interest Project in Somalia; Journalists’ Safety, Protection and Election Coverage Course Program held in Bosaso.

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October 16, 2016

Garowe, Puntland: The Media Association of Puntland, in partnership with the IMS/FOJO, from the 11 to 14 October 2016, at the Gacayte Hotel, held a workshop aimed at improving the safety of Journalists in Bosaso. The training programme is designed to equip journalists with Safety techniques, Protection and Election Coverage.

As many as twenty-eight working journalists from Bari and Sanaag regions of Puntland attended the 4-day teaching and practice workshop that lectured wide-ranging programs with skillful- practical-sessions covering dynamic topics that included, but not limited to; Digital Security, Situational awareness, Media and Security Forces, election related safety and security and KIMS game (Vehicle and Individual maneuver).

The opening ceremony was chaired by the Bari region Governor – Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Wacays Dhedo, in the presence of the Bari region Police commissioner – Mr. Abdul hakim, the Bari region director for the Puntland Ministry of Information, culture and heritage – Mohamud Warsame Fuube, the MAP chair, Faisal Khalif Barre, and the Somalia programme Coordinator of Fojo/IMS, Abukar Albadri.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the occasion, MAP chair Feisal Khalif welcomed the chief guests, participants and the IMS/Fojo personal and the facilitators for their time and efforts designated to take part of the training. MAP chair explained the objectives of this training and said;

’ Mr. Governor, Mr. Director this training is part of a nationwide activity meant to enhance the safety and wellbeing of Journalists across Somalia – the initiative is supported by IMS/FOJO partnership both are international media support organizations that are based in Sweden and Denmark, adding, for MAP in Puntland the objective is to improve safety for journalists and augmented combat against impunity for crimes against journalists in Puntland and Somalia”, added, MAP chair Faisal.

Bari Governor Yusuf Mohamed Wacays in his inaugural remarks praised the courage of journalists and media professionals in Puntland, Somalia over the years saying that they are true idols. He thanked the media activity in the region and called on the assembled journalists to continue practicing their communication role in informing the community especially on issues of development and security.

While talking on safety, the governor underlined the importance of safety and security a vital part of human and economic development of any given society especially in Bari region and the role of the media in promoting the regions.

’For Bari region it’s me and Abdul hakim (Bari region Police commissioner) who have the core responsibility of keeping the populations in Bari region safe, but without you the media and citizen’s commitment to collaborate with us it is impossible for us’’, I urge the participants here to take this workshop’s opportunity and learn keenly, meanwhile our commitment to protecting the media practitioners remains a priority for the region’s authorities’’ said the Bari region’s governor.

The Bari region Police commissioner who gave a speech at the opening of the event said ‘’compared to other regions of Somalia I think for now Bari region and the police are in good terms, we are committed to support you at our capacity, thank you and wish you a successful training’’ said Abdul hakim.

The trainers found the training course immensely rewarding and it allowed them to gain a specific insight into the issues faced by journalists in Bosaso, which they will use to assist other journalists Puntland or even Somalia in future training courses.

The next activity under the IMS/FOJO supported project implemented by the Media Association of Puntland will take place on 17 to 20 October 2016, this training that will take place in Garowe at the New Rays Hotel and will be attended by journalists from Mudug, Sool and Nugal regions of the Puntland State of Somalia.

MAP acknowledges that promoting the safety of journalists and fighting impunity must not be constrained to after-the fact action. As an alternative, it requires prevention mechanisms and actions to address some of the root causes of violence against journalists and of impunity.


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