✎#Puntland | #UNSOM-MAP conclude a 3-day Journalism Training.

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Garowe, Dec 05 , 2019: The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), in collaboration with the Media Association of Puntland (MAP),  held a three-day workshop that ended on December 05, for 25-local journalists at UNSOM compound in Garowe on Journalism ethics, impacts of social media in the digital era and #humanrights.

Participants were drawn from the Print, Radio and TV news media outlets located in Nugaal, Mudug, Karkaar, Bari, Sool and Sanaag regions of the Puntland state of Somalia. The training was facilitated by 5-trainers from UNSOM, UNFPA, UNICEF, Puntland Deputy Attorney General & Media experts each covering a designated topic.

The last day of the training, participants were awarded attendance certificates, the MAP chair thanked the participants for their active participation during the three days

“I believe that training was much needed and timely, we are truly happy that the trainers have been so well prepared both in the way knowledge was transmitted as well as the training materials utilized”, 

Photo: Mohamed Dahir Warsame MAP Chair

On behalf of MAP I would like to thank the entire UNSOM family especially the Ahmed Sulieman led Human rights department based in Garowe, who have in the recent years been a supportive partner both in terms of capacity building the media sector but also in joining MAP on advocacy campaigns whenever a media practitioner’s rights are violated” Said Mohamed Dahir MAP Chair

UNSOM MAP Workshop DEC 2019

Photo L-R: Ahmed Suleiman UNSOM, Mohamud Nadif Shire Participant, Mohamed Dahir Warsame MAP Chair, Ms. Michiko Suzuki Acting Head of Mission UNSOM.

UNSOM’s Acting Head of Mission Ms. Michiko Suzuki in her closing remarks thanked the MAP chair for his devotion to the training during the three-days , she urged participants to put in practice the knowledge they learnt to their day-to-day tasks.

Participants shared their appreciation to the organizing partners and emphasized that the new knowledge will work on improving the quality of their work. One of the participants, Mohamud Nadif Shire, was thankful to have had the opportunity to participate the training. Shire was among the participants invited from Karkaar region, below is a post he posted in regards to the training;



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