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#Puntland: State-Wide Journalism Course on Human Rights Concludes.

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Garowe, October 14:The Media Association of Puntland (MAP) in collaboration with the Office of Puntland Human Rights Defender (OPHRD) have successfully executed a Journalism course on human rights awareness. Held in the towns of Bossaso, Qardho, Garowe and Galkacyo – the training was participated by 120 journalists all together.

The course delivered both theoretical and practical knowledge to the participants who over the course period were taken through the main philosophical principles of human rights, the legal approach to human rights, principles of international humanitarian law, and the procedures of human rights among others.

MAP Chairman Mohamed Dahir Aynsane, the purpose of the training was to educate journalists on various laws and regulations so that they can fulfil their job duties and be aware of their rights.

Officials who were invited at the inaugural sessions of the training in each of the location called the course a timely one and urged participants to take the opportunity in expanding their skills as well as integrating human rights in their day-to-day tasks. Notably the Somali Federal Attorney General, Puntland Attorney General and heads of CSOs were among the guests invited at the opening of the workshop(s).

Head of the Puntland human rights defender Mohamed Yusuf Ali said ”defending and protecting human rights is a collective activity in which journalists play a leading role”.

Somalia’s Federal Attorney-General Ahmed Ali Dahir, who opened the training in Garowe, urged the participants to absorb the knowledge through the training and apply to their day-to-day jobs.

The participants expressed their gratitude towards the organising partners and highlighted how important the knowledge gained through this course would improve the quality of their work. “Knowing our rights and learning the techniques to best cover human rights in our news contents has been the key points we have taken from this training, with the knowledge gained i believe i can better cover human rights issues,” said Yusuf Nuuradin, a television reporter in Garowe.

MAP will continue its efforts in promoting and defending the Journalists and media interest, freedom of expression and media freedoms through increased advocacy, importantly on pressing the government to investigate crimes committed against journalists and on the other developing professional and responsible media in Puntland State, Somalia.


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