Puntland: UNSOM Supported Statewide implemented extensive Journalism course on Ethics and Human-rights based reporting concludes in Galkaio.

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Garowe, Puntland, 14 June: A timely state-wide customised intensive hands-on training on human-rights-based reporting and journalism ethics benefited 60 local journalists, with the final batch finishing yesterday, June 13th, 2023 at Galkaio city, Mudug’s administrative capital.

The program, which was funded by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia, was carried out in collaboration between the Puntland’s media guild, known as MAP, and the Puntland’s Ministry of information, communications, tourism, culture, and heritage.

This four-day program, delivered separately in the towns of Bosaso from 27-30 May, and Galkaio from 10-13 June, intended to educate local media practitioners on the importance of prioritizing human-rights-based reporting and upholding high ethical standards in the performance of their professional duties.

In describing what this course meant for the association’s mission to promote professionalism in the Puntland media, the MAP’s chair Mohamed Dahir stressed that it was timely and had sharpened the skills of local journalists to take on their leading role in the fight for human rights – Period.

The modules covered in the training(s) introduced participants on the crucial role journalists should play, regardless of whether the human rights-based approach to be adopted in journalists’ work guided by the international human rights standards or the importance for the media to give priority towards reporting on human-rights subjects.

“Among other things, Puntland State has a primary responsibility and obligation to safeguard, advance, and uphold all human rights and fundamental freedoms, and we are taking the necessary steps to fulfill this duty.”

Adding, “With that, the media’s role is critical in contributing to improving human rights conditions – I urge participants to take the knowledge gained from this course back to their respective newsrooms and integrate skills into their news-productions.”

”I want to thank UNSOM for supporting this initiative and MAP for partnering with the Ministry in efficiently delivering this course across the Puntland regions,” said Eng. Mohamed Isse, Director General of the Puntland Ministry of Information.

Participants were educated on human-rights ideas, international and national frameworks, and the components of human rights, such as economic, social, cultural, civil, and political rights, among others. Most significantly, the interactive sessions assisted participants in integrating knowledge into their day-to-day responsibilities.

”breaking stories of human rights violations as they happen or investigating and exposing violations of human rights is an important role that journalists need to perfom but seeks skills and that is exactly what this training has provided – the association is appreciative for the continous support UNSOM has provided to the Puntland media practitioners the latest being this one – notes chair Mohamed Dahir

UNSOM among the significant partners of MAP that supports the association in the promotion of freedom of expression including free press and journalists’ rights, is also supporting currently ongoing journalism capacity building initiatives that is also benefiting local journalists across Puntland regions.













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