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Governance Reporting Skill Development: A Media Workshop for Journalists held in Garowe, Puntland Somalia

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Garowe Puntland, Somalia, May 14th 2016: Journalists from Garowe the administrative capital of the Puntland State attended governance reporting skill development workshop, organized by the Internews in partnership with the Media Association of Puntland (MAP), in Garowe from 7th to 11th May 2016 at the Puntland state university, and brought together 10 participants, 3 women and 7 men.

The workshop that was aimed and designed to edify the media practitioners on structures of governance in Somalia; key of concepts of Federalism and how to improve access to government information along with augment interactivity between citizens and the authorities as well as consoling broader participation in the political processes.

Furthermore, the practicum activities were specially focused on Federalism in Somali context, Roles and Responsibilities of President, Prime Minister and Parliament, relationships between Federal, Regional States and Local Governments, Relationship between Government, CSOs and Public, Media’s responsibility to report on governance, access to government information in an open working relations between government and media and Role of media on holding government officials accountable.

In his closing remarks, Abdinur M. Ahmed, the Resident Journalism Advisor of Internews and the lead facilitator of the training, thanked the participants for the vigorous dedications shown during the training.

_“Im pleased to train such a great team that has shown high commitment and well organized in fact i have learn’t too from you, As of future plans, Internews will continue its cooperation with MAP and this is because MAP is committed to enhance the capacity of the Puntland media practitioners” , said Abdinur.

Salim from MAP in return thanked the Internews team for the good-work and knowledge passed to our journalists, He also urged the participants as they carry on with their work it is important to take the knowledge acquired to educate others across the country.

’’I am privileged and honored to speak before you in this closing ceremony of the 5-day long workshop. On behalf of MAP I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to express our deep thanks to Internews for organizing this training’’. Additionally thanks to the participants for your commitments shown during the training – that is why we chose you to participate, now, that you have gained useful knowledge from the workshop, you are now able to bring this to our newsroom and utilize the knowledge acquired to educate the public across the country’‘, Said Salim from MAP.

The Media Association of Puntland is committed to pursue its mission; ‘’Promote and defend freedom of expression and media freedoms while developing professional and responsible media’’ in Puntland State, Somalia.

Journalists continued to get into trouble with the government for inquiring about corruption denouncing poor governance, or criticizing repressive media laws. MAP envisages strengthened governance in Puntland and for Somalia a peaceful, democratic and a well-developed state order where there’s efficient and effective management of public and community affairs to the best interest of the citizen of the country.

2016 promises to offer enhanced opportunities for MAP to deepen our efforts to bring a better environment for journalists in Somalia through increased negotiations with the Puntland government on reviewing the media law, and improving government resolve to end violence and impunity against Somali journalists – with valued educational improvements for journalists, strategic partnerships to expand journalists access to information, relentless advocacy for press freedom, a significant push for policy review as well as courage, tenacity, and a spirit of solidarity in a dangerous environment of work.


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