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PUNTLAND: RNTC Investigative Journalism Course APRIL 2016 was of a very high-calibre, Says MAP’s RNTC Participant!

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Garowe Puntland Somalia, April 28th 2016: The Media Association of Puntland affably welcomes back Mohamed Dahir Warsame who has been in Amsterdam, Netherlands for a two weeks Investigative journalism course from the 11 April 2016 – 22 April 2016, organized by the Radio Nederland Training Centre (RNTC) a unique training institute for mid career journalists, programme-makers, print and online media professionals as well as media trainers and senior managers.

This two-week course is for experienced broadcast, print and/or online journalists and reporters who are keen to increase their knowledge of practical investigative journalism methods and techniques to uncover and tell original stories that make an impact. It strengthens the capacity to identify and research issues of governance, accountability, corruption and misuse of power, and to structure the results of what they learn in powerful stories, told in fresh and engaging ways.

Investigative journalism is of paramount importance to any societal change as it has the potential to increase the transparency and accountability of governments and institutions for the benefit of local communities. In Somalia, media remains challenged by censorship, intimidation, harassment, unlawful detention, imprisonment and mysterious assassinations bearing the hallmarks of extremism and political instigation.These high personal risks discontinued experienced journalists from active practice in Somalia. The sector attracts, only, low skilled labor due to the low wages and the dangerous repercussions.
Mr. Mohamed MAP member and the RNTC investigative journalism course participant at his final day of the course posted a note of appreciation at his social media page expressing gratitude to RNTC and to MAP. He noted ”It is with great pleasure that today as it marks the final day of the Investigative Journalism course that I’m honored and privileged to be part of a 10person participant, added, I would like to send my heartfelt appreciations to the RNTC and to Media Association of Puntland who have both made it possible for me to attend this crucial course. Thanks to both MAP and RNTC, this workshop and the knowledge i acquired was beneficial and definitely developed me maturely and professionally.

At the course-debriefing-meeting that was held at MAP’s office on the 27th April 2016 in which the RNTC participant Mr. Mohamed was briefing the present MAP board members gave an overview of the course, his expressions on the knowledge acquired. At the end of the meeting MAP’s Secretary General Fatima Mohamed who spoke on behalf of the Media Association of Puntland (MAP) including the Puntland Media Practitioners through this press statement would like to express their appreciations towards RNTC’s capacity building opportunity it has provided to Mr. Mohamed during the two weeks investigative Journalism course.

‘An immense thanks goes to RNTC team for thier renowned media trainings opportunities they are providing to media practitioners worldwide, especially for the recent Investigative journalism course 2016 of which our member had an opportunity to participate, she added, It was a fascinating experience for Mr. Warsame and his highly impressed by the nature of work RNTC is doing, so do we. On behalf of MAP i would like to thank the entire RNTC team and whoever else supported our colleague during and after the course process, Said in a statement MAP’s Secretary General.

RNTC is an internationally renowned media training institute, a learning hub for high-calibre media worldwide. RNTC has been bringing career-changing experiences and skills to media professionals in many countries for over 45 years.

The Media Association of Puntland looks forward to cooperate with the RNTC on relevant topics including online course that will help empower the state’s media sector workforce.


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