#Puntland: MAP Concludes a 2-day Journalists’ Training on Human Rights Reporting.

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Garowe, December 23, 2018: The Media Association of Puntland concluded a training workshop entitled “Human Rights Reporting Seminar” that comes as part of the activities organized in the auspice of the project “Enhancing the Capacity of Female Journalists’ Network and Raising awareness on violence against Women in Puntland Project”, sponsored by the ForumSyd.

The two-day training that was held from 19-20 December, 2018 at the SAME hotel in Garowe and was attended by 10 female journalists drawn from media outlets based in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland.

The objective of this training is to build the capacity of local female journalists on the elements of human rights laws and how to monitor and report on human rights issues with special focus on women rights, said Mohamed Dahir Warsame, MAP chair in his opening remarks during the inaugural session of the training.

The training’s methodology based on team work was segregated in two segments; theoretical learning and interactive practical exercises undertaken by the participants. Topics covered included the introduction to International Human  Rights Laws- 1948 Universal declarations of human rights and it’s classifications , Journalists as Human Rights Defenders, Role of media in the social justice, understanding Puntland Constitution (provisions that promote and protect the basic fundamentals of human rights- from Article 23-40) and the Puntland sexual offence law and media advocacy

At the end of the seminar, participants expressed their gratefulness towards MAP for organizing the training and underlined how their new knowledge would improve the quality of uncovering human rights violation through their work.

“As journalists we often dealt with human rights issues, however we made mistakes due to the poor understanding and insufficient technical skills, importantly, Now we are better set to create and report on human right with correct contents, said participant Khadra Mohamed, a Journalist working with SBS TV.






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