Puntland: MAP Launches A 6-Month Gender Project – Assessing Gender Landscape in the Puntland Media (AGLPM)

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AGLPM is a gender research study supported by Free Press Unlimited (FPU), aims at developing an in-depth knowledge of the Gender landscape in the Puntland Media which is not available or wasn’t done in the past, the information gained will be an intellectual merit for the media and program developers in Somalia.

March 15, 2017

Garowe, Puntland, Somalia: The first-ever gender study in the Puntland media landscape was launched on the 12 March 2017. Implemented by the Media Association of Puntland (MAP), the research project is titled ‘’Assessing Gender Landscape in the Puntland Media’’, will measure the gender in the Puntland media will adapt category A and B of the UNESCO’s Gender sensitive indicators for Media (GSIM).

The project, supported by Free Press Unlimited (FPU), will be implemented in Puntland State of Somalia and target Media practitioners and outlets in the districts of Garowe, Galkayo and Bossaso districts of Puntland. Participants will be selected from 9-media houses and members from 3-regional female journalist union. Thanks to TAYO center for media excellence who will lead the research activity of this project.

The gender in the Puntland media study will cover the following key areas;
1. Women’s representation in media houses and their percentage in decision making processes
2. Gender equity in work and working conditions
3. Terms and conditions of employment and policies
4. Career advancement and training for women
5. Organizational development assessment tests for 3 females’ journalist’s unions.

Fatima Mohamed Mohamud, Secretary General of MAP, delivered opening remarks, together with Mohamed Ali Nur, Puntland Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs’ Director of the gender department, TAYO CME senior officials and officials from the Puntland Ministry of Information.

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Fatima Mohamed Mohamud a university graduate – is among the few female journalists who have made it to key leadership positions within the Puntland and at large the Somali media fraternity. In her candidacy for the MAP Secretary General back in August 2014, in a tight-race of 3 contestants, Fatima beat her male-runners up in a far away range.

Speaking at the project’s launching session, MAP Secretary General, Fatima Mohamed Mohamud Said;

Promoting Journalism work and advancing the role of women in the news media across Puntland is vital to MAP’s mission , Unfortunately the fact is women are seriously under-represented throughout the media outlets in Puntland this is no secret – additionally Female journalists have weak regional networks the few existing do not have the adequate resources or capacities to respond or advocate on behalf of thier members; we need to improve the status of female journalists in the Puntland Media, this project is set to expose the gender landscape gaps in the Puntland Media Said Fatima Mohamud.

While talking on the AGLPM project’s donors, objective and duration Secretary General stated; ”Our appreciations go to the project donors Free Press Unlimited is a foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 6-month project runs from January to June 2017 and it’s overall objective is to assess gender landscape in Puntland media and the capacity of 3 regional unions for female journalists in Puntland, the project will also empower female journalist unions to network for a state-level union of female journalists

Mohamed Ali Nur, Director of the gender department of the Puntland Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs, also the project launching guest of honor on at his opening remarks applauded the study initiative describing it important not only to the media but a starting point for the other similar undertakings outside the media.

‘’ I would like to thank the Media Association Puntland for honoring me to officially open this admirable event with a vision to uncover a non-examined vital area of our society, my department will support you on this task and we will available anytime needed’’ said Mohamed Ali.

The occasion to launch the project was followed by the opening session of the first activity for the project which was one day consultative to sensitize the project stakeholders on the project’s strategy and determine on the research´s methodological framework.

The consultative event was attended by around 20 participants drawn from the Puntland media community located at the Bari, Nugaal and Mudug regions of Puntland, as well as members of the TAYO centre of Media Excellence.

This flagship event held at the New Rays Hotel in Garowe the administrative capital of Puntland was intended deliberate and determine on the research´s methodological framework.

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TAYO center for Media excellence senior consultant Mr. Abdirahaman Mohamed Hussein who will lead the AGLPM project’s research activity introduced to the meeting the UNESCO’Gender Sensitive indicators for the Media (GSIM) including it’s objectives, methodology and how this will be adapted in the local context.

The participants of the day-long meeting, saw overwhelming support of the Project’s objective, calling the workshop a “platform of notions that merit a follow-up”, and a “vast enhancement” to their work, representatives of the female journalists networks voiced their support for the efforts to examine the gender landscape in the Puntland Media especially on the aspects of promoting gender impartiality in the workplace issues discussed in the meeting.

MAP chair at his closing comments passed a moving speech to participants calling for their tireless participation of the project during its implementation, while also sending a heart-felt appreciations of the supporting donors Free Press Unlimited (FPU) for the generous support provided this project at a time most appropriate, Faisal said in his closing remarks, quote;

‘’I want to pleasantly acknowledge your dedications and contributions for the day-long interactions, meanwhile on behalf of the Puntland Media practitioners and media outlets in the region I would like to send to the supporting partners the Free Press Unlimited for supporting our initiative intended to assess the unbalanced gender landscape of the Puntland Media – this is an area MAP has been worried and searched support during my entire tenure as the chairperson of the MAP – I call on the media practitioners to join the MAP led efforts through this project and contribute in the study – this is for our own good’’ , Said MAP chair.

Moving forward, the participants brought together by this event agreed to cooperate during the period of the project implementation.

Gender discrimination and sexual harassment are two of the many collective ills that Somalia has inherited in part as a result of decades of war. These problems also come as the unswerving yields of the traditions and customs prevailing in Somali society. In the traditional and patriarchal society of Somalia, being born a woman can mean a lack of access to many social opportunities and many barriers to success throughout life. Women in Somalia enjoy fewer privileges and less security than men.

Somali women in the media have representation at non-decision making levels only, female journalists have weak regional networks; Women’s participation in the media remains lower than males, and the media products are not tailored; their landscape is not well researched and their capacity to take an active role in gender sensitive promotion is limited.


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